Using a demo account is not just for trying out the broker, in fact this type of account aims to test your skills and get involved without incurring any risk.

The best attitude to adopt when trading is to seek solutions, both when you win and when you lose, in ourselves, shaping their strategies but especially learning from their successes but also from their mistakes.

The demo accounts of course also serve for other more practical reasons, such as testing the software and avoid losing your capital by practicing first with virtual money.

Remember in fact that we can never know what will happen in the market, which is fluctuating and variable, we have the tools to study it, to monitor it and try to predict it but we will never really know for sure if what we believe will happen.

The demo account in this context becomes a very important tool for newbies who want to understand how to operate, how much to invest, how to limit risk.

Many beginners approach the forex with unrealistic expectations that, of course, will lead to disillusionment in the short term, with the demo account these expectations can be scaled back and you can spend as much time as you want testing your skills but also their nerves and their psychology.

In practical terms, the risk that we must avoid, and that is always around the corner, is to consider the demo trading as a kind of game in which, being virtual money, everything is resolved in a kind of bet.

Often, the virtual budget granted with the demo account is much higher than what you would invest if they were real money, and here comes the first problem.

You trade with much more money than you would use if you used your own money.

You do trading without considering the risk, in the end you do not lose real money and especially the account is theoretically unlimited, and the emotions that come into play are relative to the real ones, because the sense of risk, loss and defeat do not really affect.

To keep the diary, to acquire a routine, not to use the whole capital even if virtual, are the three elements to consider also when using the Demo accounts.

You should do forex, even with demo accounts, only with the money you would like to invest really as if that same budget were ours.

The demo account is therefore very important.

It allows us to analyze the tools offered by brokers, you can really invest with virtual money, verify the seriousness and readiness of customer service, test your psychology, limit your expectations and start to design your own strategy that fits your style.

The Demo account is to be opened, used and considered exactly as if it were a real account.

Only when you consider the money in the demo account as your own, and you work hard, will you be ready to take the next step and start earning real money!

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